Sunday, June 5, 2011


I was sitting outside of a diner today and I saw 3 homeless cannibals jump a public bus. Cops were nowhere to be found. I dont know exactly how to describe what went on once they got into the bus but , I know it wasn't pretty. Lots of red against the windows, lots of screaming.....I'm scared ,I'm alone and I really feel like I have no control of whats going on around me, I dont like it . Somethings not right, people are acting different towards one another and I'm pretty sure that I'm wanted by the police. One things for sure, I haven't seen that girl since the other night, but I do feel like someone is watching me wherever I go. I could just be paranoid, given my circumstances I probably should be. I have my guard up pretty much all the time, and I've started avoiding anywhere that sells newspapers, especially the kind with my face plastered on the cover. Its the worst picture too, my license photo. Dead Pale, Sickly eyes and no smile. The way you imagine people looking when they get some horrible news. The Dmv really is hell on earth. These days I guess thats a pretty real thing , hell on earth. I'm running out of what little cash Ive gotten from playing guitar on the streets. People stopped tipping two days ago when I was playing at the mall. Everyone is a little on edge ever since that cop out in L.A., the one who was bitten, well he died, and then he came back, only when he came back he wanted to eat people. Jesus I cant believe this picture, my license,  I cant believe I left that behind, stupid.

I started having these nightmares a few nights back and I feel like maybe its time to talk about them. They're never the same, always different and always horrifying and always blurry. The weirdest part is how lucid they are. I feel so awake and aware of whats going on. The twist is that when I wake up, physically I feel great but in my head I cant seem to shake these dreams. Anytime I close my eyes all I can see are these screaming faces, this gossamer filter over everything and....blood. much blood.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Night 3 cont.

I really should learn to mind my own business.
             Let me catch you up. I'm writing this from a truck stop, I hope I can hop a ride with one of these freighters.
        So, I went next door to see about all the craziness from my blonde buddy! I knocked on the door and from that point on everything gets a little , well , different. I'm pretty sure that the strange smell coming from me right now is urine, because I definitely pissed myself when the door drifted open to reveal the girl on the floor sprawled out nude on all fours making some of the most animal noises I've ever heard. Her arms, legs and back all seemed to be breaking into different shapes and I watched as hair sprouted from every pour on her body. She was what I can only describe as growling and then, I passed out. When I came to , I was laying face up on the concrete outside of the room staring at the stucco ceiling of the motel. Red and Blue lights flashed brightly against the windows reflecting down onto my face. I rolled over and looked down to see the motel's pool full of blood and a woman frantically recalling the events to a Police Officer. She was waving her arms like some kind of puppet and the cop kept trying to calm her down. He pointed up at me . "oh shit", I thought to myself. It happened again, weird shit went on, people are dead and I'm laying on my back at the scene of the crime. Last I checked if your on your back after a murder and your not dead you're a suspect, so I ran.
        I know , stupid because now I'm not only a suspect but ,they can chase me. I just wish I knew what happened. Why is this shit going on around me.
Speaking of weird shit, some guy out in LA apparently killed his wife yesterday. Only it wasn't like any normal everyday murder, he ate her. The cops caught him in the backyard chowing down on her leg like a t-bone steak, blew his brains out after he bit one of the cops that came too close to him. I'm telling you, this world is starting to change and maybe its all this time on the road or just too much thinking but I know it has something to do with that shit that came out of that blackhole. I know, I know conspiracy theories are B.s. most of the time but its not everyday that scientists start opening up rifts in the universe , its actually pretty cool shit, but I digress.
Ever seen a pretty blonde turn into a for lack of a better term, werewolf? ......yeah ,,..scary shit.....I cant tell if she attacked me or not, my clothes were torn but no signs of injury. Did I mention that I was covered in blood, the worse part is that that I don't think its mine. ....

Night 3

Shit !
        So I've got a room in a cheap motel  for a night courtesy of my lady stalker. She's staying in the room next door.
           She's pretty strange so far, all she wanted to talk about was the moon and the strange shit thats been going down with all the environmental shifts. Oh, by the way, it would appear that the world is coming to an end. If your reading this then I assume you have been in touch with the news and current events. Although so many people have tuned out of the news lately. And who can blame them, there is after all no real solid news source anymore. Something is always twisted or left out to suit the needs of the government or some other major source thats trying to get one by the general public. Anyways, it would appear that three things have happened. Remember the Blackhole machine, well they got it to work , opened one up for a whopping 10 seconds before it collapsed. Science is incredible isn't it , something so small and so fast can change your entire world in one instant. Well apparently when they opened that up something was released into our universe and now everyone seems to be losing their minds, and i get the feeling that its only going to get worse.
           It seems that homegirl next door is having a breakdown. She's making some pretty big noise next door and I'm not sure whats wrong. It sounds like she's trashing the shit out of that room. I'm gonna go and check that out.

Day 3

So last night was not the best sleep I've ever gotten but I did get sleep! So, that being said, I should probably mention that I'm in Alabama. That's right, amateur hitch-hiking is paying off really well . The countryside that I've seen so far has been beautiful. Sun rise and Sunset, all seem to blend perfectly to make truly complete days. Last night before I reached my little campground slumber, I was riding in the back of pick-up truck. I couldn't stop thinking about the gruesome horror back home. I still cant shake those horrible noises that were outside that house, the hands beating against the siding, the moaning and hacking, and the most terrible screeching. What was it exactly that killed my neighbors, and why cant I seem to remember anything of the night prior.
Weird, or maybe its obvious, did I do it ???? Am I imaging the noises.
That blonde just walked in to this Coffee shop, I swear she's following me .....hold that thought...she's coming over to sit with me, more on this in a minute.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Night 2 continued

Alright so its the 2nd night of starting to keep this journal. I guess I never really explained myself about this but since I started losing my mind a couple of nights back I figured Id start keeping a record of what I do. Its actually pretty scary, I'm only 25 and I already am forgetting whole days. Though physically I'm actually in alright shape, well, with the exception of a couple of horrendous nights where I feel like I'm being ripped apart by a train. Other than that though I'm feeling pretty good. I haven't been forgetting to eat thats for sure, and I'm drinking water constantly. Especially now that I'm on the go, I'm going to need to stay hydrated, since that bus could only take me to South Carolina, I'm going to be walking the rest of the way the Austin, Oh ..thats right...I forgot to tell you ,I'm going to stay with some friends in Austin, Texas. At least until I can get my situation all figured out.
Something strange, there's a blonde that looks really familiar and she's sitting across from me two booths over in this crummy little diner I'm in. I cant place it but I know I've seen her before. Maybe at the bus station.....or a bar back home....hmmmm curiouser and curiouser.....Ah well thats enough for now, I've got some walking to do, I'll catch ya up again on the next stop! 

Day 2

Its about 6am. I woke up last night in the driveway to the house I rent from. I used to live in a room upstairs in their houses extension, well until today. Last night I found one the most gruesome scenes I've ever discovered, my neighbors were torn apart and their home was in pieces. I dont know what happened and Im definitely not going to stick around for when whoever it was comes back. I'm writing now from the bus station in town. I missed the 6am so I have to wait around for the 12 , what the hell is wrong with these places that they dont wait for you even when you're racing towards the driver , brandishing your ticket at him, screaming "Wait" as he pulls the lever to his magic door. Its just considerate....ugh.. Well here's where I'm at , I dont know whats happening to my body but today I feel like a million bucks. Last night was hell , I dont understand what happened but after my last entry I have no memory of what happened. I remember the noises outside though, Horrible noises. Screeching and Hacking and I remember the sound of hands beating against the house.
So bored, I'm trying to remember things I've read, jokes I've heard, anything to keep busy for the next couple hours. The last story I saw on the news before they shut my t.v. off last week was about some kind of research that was being done in Sweden, about this machine that could collide atoms into one another and create Blackholes. Why couldn't I have done something like that with my life, instead of being a musician, oh my parents would've loved me then, not to mention I might actually have money today. I just blew my life's savings on this bus ticket. God I could really use a drink about now.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Night 1 cont.

Ok ... Bad News ... the neighbors downstairs. .... well ......... they're gonewhat th , I cant breath, My stomach is wailing now and the noises outside havent stopped, I cant believe I didnt hear what went on down there, OH MY GOD I cant believe it ...... I dont think I've ever seen anything like that, I really wished I'd stayed in bed. OH JeSus  I dont know exactly what happened but I was sure as shit not sticking around to find out. The place was trashed and the door was practically ripped in half and blood...fucking blood...shitshitshitshit....Ok lets think for a minute , They were a pretty nice old couple so I'm gonna rule out domestic dispute. That guy could barely lift his t.v. remote let alone rip a door off the hinges, oh and also that I think there may be pieces of him all over the room that would be a pretty big sign! Ok I'm positive that it wasnt her either because well .......shes still there and definitely not summary.....bad smell....I feel sick all over, my legs feel like they're being broken and  the noises are back outside...I cant see straight ... .evrthngs getng blur3y,,, OH^$% GOD TH&(E PAIN IN MY heart a;lk;adlk Racing...............gtta..go

Night 1

Shaking, again , I've taken something to slow the stomach cramps down. This is not normal, definitely not food poisoning. My bones are aching all over my body and the tension on my muscles feels like their ripping themselves apart%*^. What is happening to me...please jesus just make this fucking stop. And the smell, oh god that smell wont go away I thought it was the garbage but it hasnt left. Noises are back outside, this time they're scratching at the windows downstairs, I havent talked to my neighbors in a while, they usually make some kind of noise down there from time to time. Oh god this pain isnt going anywhere. I'm gonna call it a night...

Day 1

Day 1 - 
            Woke up again feeling sort of .....Fuzzy to say the least. My head is killing me on a pretty regular basis. At least this time I was in my bed. I cant seem to figure out where the day is taking me half the time. I can hear, taste and smell everything around me for miles, the sky seems brighter, the grass greener, the air well get the point. Last night I heard it again, noises outside all night.... and the worst smell, its gotta be some animals. I put the garbage down this morning I hope that takes care of it...