Saturday, June 4, 2011

Night 3

Shit !
        So I've got a room in a cheap motel  for a night courtesy of my lady stalker. She's staying in the room next door.
           She's pretty strange so far, all she wanted to talk about was the moon and the strange shit thats been going down with all the environmental shifts. Oh, by the way, it would appear that the world is coming to an end. If your reading this then I assume you have been in touch with the news and current events. Although so many people have tuned out of the news lately. And who can blame them, there is after all no real solid news source anymore. Something is always twisted or left out to suit the needs of the government or some other major source thats trying to get one by the general public. Anyways, it would appear that three things have happened. Remember the Blackhole machine, well they got it to work , opened one up for a whopping 10 seconds before it collapsed. Science is incredible isn't it , something so small and so fast can change your entire world in one instant. Well apparently when they opened that up something was released into our universe and now everyone seems to be losing their minds, and i get the feeling that its only going to get worse.
           It seems that homegirl next door is having a breakdown. She's making some pretty big noise next door and I'm not sure whats wrong. It sounds like she's trashing the shit out of that room. I'm gonna go and check that out.

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