Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 2

Its about 6am. I woke up last night in the driveway to the house I rent from. I used to live in a room upstairs in their houses extension, well until today. Last night I found one the most gruesome scenes I've ever discovered, my neighbors were torn apart and their home was in pieces. I dont know what happened and Im definitely not going to stick around for when whoever it was comes back. I'm writing now from the bus station in town. I missed the 6am so I have to wait around for the 12 , what the hell is wrong with these places that they dont wait for you even when you're racing towards the driver , brandishing your ticket at him, screaming "Wait" as he pulls the lever to his magic door. Its just considerate....ugh.. Well here's where I'm at , I dont know whats happening to my body but today I feel like a million bucks. Last night was hell , I dont understand what happened but after my last entry I have no memory of what happened. I remember the noises outside though, Horrible noises. Screeching and Hacking and I remember the sound of hands beating against the house.
So bored, I'm trying to remember things I've read, jokes I've heard, anything to keep busy for the next couple hours. The last story I saw on the news before they shut my t.v. off last week was about some kind of research that was being done in Sweden, about this machine that could collide atoms into one another and create Blackholes. Why couldn't I have done something like that with my life, instead of being a musician, oh my parents would've loved me then, not to mention I might actually have money today. I just blew my life's savings on this bus ticket. God I could really use a drink about now.

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