Saturday, June 4, 2011

Night 3 cont.

I really should learn to mind my own business.
             Let me catch you up. I'm writing this from a truck stop, I hope I can hop a ride with one of these freighters.
        So, I went next door to see about all the craziness from my blonde buddy! I knocked on the door and from that point on everything gets a little , well , different. I'm pretty sure that the strange smell coming from me right now is urine, because I definitely pissed myself when the door drifted open to reveal the girl on the floor sprawled out nude on all fours making some of the most animal noises I've ever heard. Her arms, legs and back all seemed to be breaking into different shapes and I watched as hair sprouted from every pour on her body. She was what I can only describe as growling and then, I passed out. When I came to , I was laying face up on the concrete outside of the room staring at the stucco ceiling of the motel. Red and Blue lights flashed brightly against the windows reflecting down onto my face. I rolled over and looked down to see the motel's pool full of blood and a woman frantically recalling the events to a Police Officer. She was waving her arms like some kind of puppet and the cop kept trying to calm her down. He pointed up at me . "oh shit", I thought to myself. It happened again, weird shit went on, people are dead and I'm laying on my back at the scene of the crime. Last I checked if your on your back after a murder and your not dead you're a suspect, so I ran.
        I know , stupid because now I'm not only a suspect but ,they can chase me. I just wish I knew what happened. Why is this shit going on around me.
Speaking of weird shit, some guy out in LA apparently killed his wife yesterday. Only it wasn't like any normal everyday murder, he ate her. The cops caught him in the backyard chowing down on her leg like a t-bone steak, blew his brains out after he bit one of the cops that came too close to him. I'm telling you, this world is starting to change and maybe its all this time on the road or just too much thinking but I know it has something to do with that shit that came out of that blackhole. I know, I know conspiracy theories are B.s. most of the time but its not everyday that scientists start opening up rifts in the universe , its actually pretty cool shit, but I digress.
Ever seen a pretty blonde turn into a for lack of a better term, werewolf? ......yeah ,,..scary shit.....I cant tell if she attacked me or not, my clothes were torn but no signs of injury. Did I mention that I was covered in blood, the worse part is that that I don't think its mine. ....

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