Friday, June 3, 2011

Night 2 continued

Alright so its the 2nd night of starting to keep this journal. I guess I never really explained myself about this but since I started losing my mind a couple of nights back I figured Id start keeping a record of what I do. Its actually pretty scary, I'm only 25 and I already am forgetting whole days. Though physically I'm actually in alright shape, well, with the exception of a couple of horrendous nights where I feel like I'm being ripped apart by a train. Other than that though I'm feeling pretty good. I haven't been forgetting to eat thats for sure, and I'm drinking water constantly. Especially now that I'm on the go, I'm going to need to stay hydrated, since that bus could only take me to South Carolina, I'm going to be walking the rest of the way the Austin, Oh ..thats right...I forgot to tell you ,I'm going to stay with some friends in Austin, Texas. At least until I can get my situation all figured out.
Something strange, there's a blonde that looks really familiar and she's sitting across from me two booths over in this crummy little diner I'm in. I cant place it but I know I've seen her before. Maybe at the bus station.....or a bar back home....hmmmm curiouser and curiouser.....Ah well thats enough for now, I've got some walking to do, I'll catch ya up again on the next stop! 

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