Thursday, June 2, 2011

Night 1 cont.

Ok ... Bad News ... the neighbors downstairs. .... well ......... they're gonewhat th , I cant breath, My stomach is wailing now and the noises outside havent stopped, I cant believe I didnt hear what went on down there, OH MY GOD I cant believe it ...... I dont think I've ever seen anything like that, I really wished I'd stayed in bed. OH JeSus  I dont know exactly what happened but I was sure as shit not sticking around to find out. The place was trashed and the door was practically ripped in half and blood...fucking blood...shitshitshitshit....Ok lets think for a minute , They were a pretty nice old couple so I'm gonna rule out domestic dispute. That guy could barely lift his t.v. remote let alone rip a door off the hinges, oh and also that I think there may be pieces of him all over the room that would be a pretty big sign! Ok I'm positive that it wasnt her either because well .......shes still there and definitely not summary.....bad smell....I feel sick all over, my legs feel like they're being broken and  the noises are back outside...I cant see straight ... .evrthngs getng blur3y,,, OH^$% GOD TH&(E PAIN IN MY heart a;lk;adlk Racing...............gtta..go

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