Sunday, June 5, 2011


I was sitting outside of a diner today and I saw 3 homeless cannibals jump a public bus. Cops were nowhere to be found. I dont know exactly how to describe what went on once they got into the bus but , I know it wasn't pretty. Lots of red against the windows, lots of screaming.....I'm scared ,I'm alone and I really feel like I have no control of whats going on around me, I dont like it . Somethings not right, people are acting different towards one another and I'm pretty sure that I'm wanted by the police. One things for sure, I haven't seen that girl since the other night, but I do feel like someone is watching me wherever I go. I could just be paranoid, given my circumstances I probably should be. I have my guard up pretty much all the time, and I've started avoiding anywhere that sells newspapers, especially the kind with my face plastered on the cover. Its the worst picture too, my license photo. Dead Pale, Sickly eyes and no smile. The way you imagine people looking when they get some horrible news. The Dmv really is hell on earth. These days I guess thats a pretty real thing , hell on earth. I'm running out of what little cash Ive gotten from playing guitar on the streets. People stopped tipping two days ago when I was playing at the mall. Everyone is a little on edge ever since that cop out in L.A., the one who was bitten, well he died, and then he came back, only when he came back he wanted to eat people. Jesus I cant believe this picture, my license,  I cant believe I left that behind, stupid.

I started having these nightmares a few nights back and I feel like maybe its time to talk about them. They're never the same, always different and always horrifying and always blurry. The weirdest part is how lucid they are. I feel so awake and aware of whats going on. The twist is that when I wake up, physically I feel great but in my head I cant seem to shake these dreams. Anytime I close my eyes all I can see are these screaming faces, this gossamer filter over everything and....blood. much blood.

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