Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 3

So last night was not the best sleep I've ever gotten but I did get sleep! So, that being said, I should probably mention that I'm in Alabama. That's right, amateur hitch-hiking is paying off really well . The countryside that I've seen so far has been beautiful. Sun rise and Sunset, all seem to blend perfectly to make truly complete days. Last night before I reached my little campground slumber, I was riding in the back of pick-up truck. I couldn't stop thinking about the gruesome horror back home. I still cant shake those horrible noises that were outside that house, the hands beating against the siding, the moaning and hacking, and the most terrible screeching. What was it exactly that killed my neighbors, and why cant I seem to remember anything of the night prior.
Weird, or maybe its obvious, did I do it ???? Am I imaging the noises.
That blonde just walked in to this Coffee shop, I swear she's following me .....hold that thought...she's coming over to sit with me, more on this in a minute.

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